• Jason Graham-Nye

The Circulars | gCycle selected as finalists | People's Choice Awards

We are excited about how gCycle can transform how we use diapers around the world. And we were so honored to be a finalist in the Dell Circular Economy People's Choice Awards! Thank you all who voted!

The gCycle Solution

We have been working behind the scenes to bring our innovative gCycle program into the market. Our aim is to end waste as we know it, to stop 50 million diapers a DAY entering landfills in the US by turning those diapers into a valuable resource—compost!

Renewable Diapers

The gCycle solution we have been piloting in Australia delivers and collects compostable diapers and wipes to childcare centers, safely transforming the used product into nutrient rich soil—diverting 80% of their waste from landfill. In addition to high quality compost, we currently have the technology to convert our diaper waste into liquid fertilizer and natural gas, and we are working towards other forms of energy. 

This approach is an example of the burgeoning “circular economy”, where we strive to extend the life and value of a product by turning it into something new instead of disposing of it. gDiapers, along with Google, Nike, IKEA and Unilever, are a part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, driving toward this new economy.