• Jason Graham-Nye

Nappy stats that blow our minds ...

Kim and I are often asked how on earth we ended up starting an eco-friendly nappy company, often by our now teenage kids who would much prefer we did something way cooler (like an organic micro brewery?) Ironically it was their arrival on this planet that got us thinking about finding a better way to make a nappy and manage waste.

Like many expectant parents, we read as much as we could on all aspects of raising kids. In that process we ran across the following statistics that stopped us in our tracks and forced us to really think about our impact on the planet and the kind of world we would be leaving our soon-to-be-born son. Prior to this, we really were not particularly "green" but the idea of raising the next generation was the catalyst to a whole new mindset and the birth of gDiapers and gCycle. 

These are the numbers that blew our mind back then and continue to drive us today. 

  1. 2,500 nappies are landfilled in the UK every second. 

  2. Globally, nappies are the third biggest single-product contributor to landfill. 

  3. It is estimated that each nappy takes 500 years to biodegrade. 

  4. There is a cup of non-renewable oil used to make each nappy. That is half a pint...

  5. Nappies make up a large proportion of marine waste. In Indonesia, the second biggest marine waste generator after China, 21% of all their marine waste is nappies.  

  6. By 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than sea life.