• Jason Graham-Nye

gCycle celebrates collaboration to launch co-project in UK

Nappies to Resource

Nappies/diapers are a major source of landfill waste; in the UK alone, nearly 10 million diapers are landfilled every day.

Through a new programme gCycle is looking to launch pilot projects in London and Milan to demonstrate the economic case.

In London, gCycle has already lined up a partner for distribution and collection, and is actively speaking with a network of large scale users such as nurseries and corporate childcare centres.

It is now lining up processing partners (such as an anaerobic digester or wastewater facility) to work with to create a systemic solution that can be profitable for all parties.

There were a good group who came together at the Reykjavik workshop, the group offered suggestions and began providing potential connections to the gCycle team.

As gCycle continue to build up its ecosystem of partners, the London Waste and Recycling Board will be a key ally - first as a source of connections throughout the city of London, and later, when LWARB establishes its upcoming Innovation Hub, as a potential source of funding for the gCycle pilot.

Who was there: BRE, Cranfield University, University of Exeter, Government of Luxembourg, LWARB, PA, Topolytics.

Reference - CE 100 Executive Summary 2017