• Jason Graham-Nye


Fast Company recognized gCycle, the new disposable diaper solution we are developing at gDiapers, as a finalist in their 2018 World Changing Ideas Awards.

The awards honor businesses, policies, projects, and concepts that offer innovative solutions to the issues facing humanity.

One messy issue facing humanity is dirty diapers. As of today, there are over 1 trillion dirty diapers sitting in American landfills, with 587 diapers being added every second. That is an additional 50 million diapers every single day in the US alone. And because diapers are made of plastic, they will be a burden to future generations for another 500 years. Yuck.

gDiapers has been developing the world’s first renewable diaper and end to end solution – gCycle – in an effort to end our dependence on plastic, for both our children’s health and for the health of our planet. Using Circular Economy Design principles, a used product is collected and becomes an ingredient in something much more valuable, eliminating the concept of waste from the outset.

For gCycle diapers, considered design and bio-based materials allow our used diapers to safely regenerate into valuable resources like soil, power and fuel.

Dirty diapers to clean energy. No waste. No landfill. No burden.

“We are thrilled that gDiapers has been named as a finalist. In this day and age, companies need to take responsibility for managing the end of the life of all the products they make. It is no longer good enough to design products that ultimately end up in landfill, burdening local counties and future generations. gCycle is one step toward a new way and we hope this award inspires other companies to follow suit.” Kim Graham-Nye, co-founder/President of gDiapers comments:

We think it is a pretty clever idea, and couldn’t be prouder that Fast Company agrees. Check out the full list of 2018 World Changing Ideas winners and the fabulous finalists here.

About gCycle

Designed specifically for childcare centers and hospitals, gCycle diapers are delivered, collected and ultimately converted into valuable resources like soil, fuel and power.

gCycle is launching its first large scale pilot in the UK this spring through the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Circular Economy 100 and hopes to be available in the US by 2019.

"We believe in the power of transparency and contribution to gain traction and create real impact, the world needs us to come together to solve this global challenge" Jason Graham-Nye, Co-Founder/CEO.

gCycle is innovating in collaboration with the community through our gCycle Pioneer Program. Sign up here or follow us on Facebook.