• Jason Graham-Nye

Drowning in plastic and how we fix it.

Recent press has reinforced the crisis we are now facing in terms of plastic and the future of our planet. The World Bank suggests that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than sea life. In the same report it was revealed that Indonesia is the second biggest marine polluter after China and that 21% of that pollution are nappies (aka diapers for our American cousins).

As someone who plunges into the ocean every morning and with 15 and 13 year old sons who also love the water, it is shocking to think that by the time the boys are my age they will be literally swimming in plastic. 

Luckily our company gDiapers have a solution called gCycle launching this year to resolve this issue. After 14 years in the diaper category in the US, UK and Europe, Kim and I have gathered what seems like a lifetime of experience and refined how we go about accomplishing our mission of ending waste as we know it. 

When we launched in the US in 2005, gDiapers was a response focused on a retail model. We have endured probably the most disruptive period in US retail history with stalwarts like Babies R Us hitting the wall while start-ups like Amazon taking the lead. Similarly "sustainability" as an idea essentially died in 2008 with the recession. Along with all of that, social media arrived with My Space (yes, MySpace!) then Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more recently SnapChat. Suffice to say it has been quite the ride. 

gCycle centres around our world-first renewable nappy. Thanks to the bio-based materials chosen to make the nappy and by avoiding all petrochemical plastic, the product can be converted into a number of valuable resources including compost, liquid fertiliser, briquettes for fuel and power for homes. It's pretty amazing! 

Join our Renewable Nappy tribe to stay in touch as we move toward our launch and revolutionise how we make and dispose of nappies. In doing so we will avoid creating an ocean of plastic and leave the planet in a better place for our kids and theirs.